Special Hosting Special!!

I've been asked recently how I host my photos, icons, and other stuff. I use Dreamhost, and I couldn't be happier. They provide me with everything I need, and their support team is excellent, even if all I have is a really stupid question. And they reward you the longer you host with them by increasing your space and bandwidth. I'm up to nearly 400GB of webspace and 8000GB of bandwidth! Plenty of room to even run my own message board if I wanted to!

Flutterby Design is proud to announce a special for the remainder of 2007 for hosting your website through Dreamhost. Enter RJSFREEDOMAIN when you sign up for hosting through Dreamhost and receive one FREE domain registration for a year! Dreamhost offers plans as low as $7.95/mo, and in my opinion is an amazing provider. Your available webspace increases by 2GB/week and your bandwidth increases by 40GB/week. Plus with unlimited subdomains and e-mail, you can put A LOT on your website! Dreamhost also offers one-click FREE installations of programs such as phpbb, Gallery, and zencart! Dreamhost is one of, if not the only Carbon Neutral hosting service.
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New Items!

I added a BUNCH of items today to the Etsy Shop. Also, in honour of my cousin Vicki and it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10% of any PINK item purchased will be donated to Susan G Komen for the Cure, regardless of if it is a pink ribbon item or not.

Breast Cancer Awareness Watch
Orange and Purple Halloween Witchy Bracelet (features a witch's hat charm)
Purple Swarovski and Pearl Necklace
Metallic Blue Pearl Necklace
Dice Wine Glass Charms or Stitch Markers
Fall Coloured Stone Bead Earrings (two pairs available)
Yin Yang Necklace (Clearance Priced!)
Breast Cancer Awareness Pearl and Swarovski Bracelet
Breast Cancer Awareness Cat Eye Bracelet
Pink Cat Eye and Swarovski Bracelet
Pink Swarovski Peark Bracelet
Pink Cat Eye Earrings

Mother's Day Special!

In honour of Mother's Day, Flutterby Design is offering an exclusive sale for LiveJournal! Free shipping* on ALL items and 15% off if you order two or more items! So, why don't you take a look! Jewelry also makes perfect gifts for graduates! Don't forget about Prom and weddings, too!

*please note there is a $2 handling fee on each order to cover listing fees.

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New Items!
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Both items are incredibly soft. I don't think the photos do the blue scarf justice. As I was making it, I couldn't help but be reminded of a muppet.

Also, my feedback form is up and WORKING!!! And I figured it out ALL by myself, too! (and according to silveradept I did XHTML! yay!)

Also, a comment I had to share from johnabe about my graphics:
(01:37:14) johna32545: hehe I like the Flutterby Is Love aesthetic

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X-posted from my LJ, if you read this there, skip it.

Someone on obsessiveicons posted (in a locked entry) that they heard Getty images is basically sending out invoices to everyone who's got an image on their site that they also have - regardless of if you got the image off getty or eslewhere. A commenter links to This thread on a discussion board about people who have recieved the letter and what they've done. It does'nt look like they're going after small icons modified off images thery might also host, but you never know. Anyway. I've since deleted off my server nearly ALL icons I once had up that have questionably sources, which also means that flutterbydesign probably looks pretty wonky, too. (actually, I think I'll x-post this over there, so sorry for you seeing it twice).

My site might be untraceable because I have a robots.txt on my main site (though not on flutterby) to keep the bots from scaning me, and supposidly Getty is using a robot to find sites, but anyway. I'm covering my arse, as it were.

So. anyone got any other resources for images?

Also, I love seeing something like this: . In case you're wondering, They were trying to hotlink to icons I have on bjss. A few months back I spent nearly an entire day trying to create the image and getting it to work because I was po'ed at people for stealing them. I checked my site stats today, and her site is still generating traffic pulling off my site, but now people who land on it see the "you stole this" instead of my images, so it makes me happy.

Now taking orders!

Wrist Warmers!

Final Product is approximately 10" long.

Available in 6" and 7" versions, with or without thumbholes. (custom sizes available for an additional fee)

Available colors: Black or Grey, however custom orders are available for an additional fee.

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