Plain Rebecca Jane (annaonthemoon) wrote in flutterbydesign,
Plain Rebecca Jane

Master List of Etsy items

Purple and Hematite Bracelet
White and Pink Bridal Pearl Bracelet
Burgundy Swarovski and Silver Necklace
Silver Swirled Red Necklace
Silver Swirled Red Bracelet
Bridal Pearls
Bridal Earrings
RPG Dice Bracelet
Extra Long Hematite Bracelet
Hematite Blue Bracelet
Blue and White Striped Bracelet
Burgundy Swarovski Bracelet
Pink Crackle and Spackle Bracelet
Burgundy Swarovski Bracelet #2
Regal Royal Blue Bracelet
Flower Power Aqua Necklace
Flower Power Light Blue Bracelet
Purple Iridescent Earrings
Black Elegance Bracelet
Paint Spatter Bracelet
Pretty in Pink Pearl Necklace
Blue and White Striped Bracelet
Twisted Hematite Bracelet
Midnight Blue Pearl Earrings
Midnight Blue Pearl And Swarovski Earrings
Midnight Blue Pearl Bracelet
Midnight Blue Pearl Necklace
Purple Swarovski Bracelet
Ruby Red Bracelet
Green Pearl Earrings
Tea Time Charm Bracelet
Dark Green Pearl Bracelet
Dark Green Pearl Necklace
Pretty in Pink Necklace
Purple Dragon Horns
Blue Muppet Fur Scarf
Cotton Candy Pink Headband
Purple Haze Scarf
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