Plain Rebecca Jane (annaonthemoon) wrote in flutterbydesign,
Plain Rebecca Jane

X-posted from my LJ, if you read this there, skip it.

Someone on obsessiveicons posted (in a locked entry) that they heard Getty images is basically sending out invoices to everyone who's got an image on their site that they also have - regardless of if you got the image off getty or eslewhere. A commenter links to This thread on a discussion board about people who have recieved the letter and what they've done. It does'nt look like they're going after small icons modified off images thery might also host, but you never know. Anyway. I've since deleted off my server nearly ALL icons I once had up that have questionably sources, which also means that flutterbydesign probably looks pretty wonky, too. (actually, I think I'll x-post this over there, so sorry for you seeing it twice).

My site might be untraceable because I have a robots.txt on my main site (though not on flutterby) to keep the bots from scaning me, and supposidly Getty is using a robot to find sites, but anyway. I'm covering my arse, as it were.

So. anyone got any other resources for images?

Also, I love seeing something like this: . In case you're wondering, They were trying to hotlink to icons I have on bjss. A few months back I spent nearly an entire day trying to create the image and getting it to work because I was po'ed at people for stealing them. I checked my site stats today, and her site is still generating traffic pulling off my site, but now people who land on it see the "you stole this" instead of my images, so it makes me happy.
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