The Mushrooms are Spreading!

(06:09:05) Silver Adept: When you have a moment - someone asked me about the 1up mushroom that you did for me some time back. Did you ever put a pattern down for that? If so, could I have a copy of it in case this person wants to make their own?
(06:11:05) Silver Adept: Okay, thank you. It will spread. Made a very nice Moss-covered rock for a story I was telling. Must reboot now.

hehe! I love when this stuff spreads! :D
feel your boobies

Flutterby Design sale for Brest Cancer awareness month

From now until October 15th, when you purchase any pink ribbon item I will double the donation amount. In addition, for every $20 spent on non-pink ribbon items, $5 will be donated. I also am offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!

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Enter the First Annual Celestial Celebrations Contest!

Enter the Celestial Celebrations contest and win a free signed first edition of Mercury Brightman: The First Sign by Mary E Gober, as well as a Mercury Brightman prize package including art by cover artist Meredith Dillman and a watch by Flutterby Design

Contest runs from November 10th until December 15th - just in time for the winter holidays!

Please see
the official contest rules for more information!

Good Luck!